A more correct rendering of the shaman.

Use the following script to extract the TEX armor textures
and VIF armor models from EQCACHE.DAT
Use the script on EQCACHE.HDR and when the script
asks you what other file you want to open type in EQCACHE.DAT.
But make sure EQCACHE.DAT and EQCACHE.HDR are
in the same folder.

This shows the Iksar model, as it appears on the character selection

This is the same model with correct vertexes, but incorrect faces.

This is the raw model, it stands for:
Iksar Male Version 1 Body

Here is a converted texture. The textures are in a format
similar to many of those used in PS2 games, that use pallets
File extensions:
.IRX PS2 Hardware Drivers
.TEX Textures??
.HDR File Directories for .DAT files

Subfile Extensions:
.anm Animations
.tex Textures
.vif Models