This is a sci-fi first person shooter developed by Midway


The file archives in the game end in .000 and can be extracted with "Game Extractor"

File extensions used in archives:
The models are stored in multiple strips of vertexes:

verX, verY, verZ CONN

where the vertexes are 4byte floating points
and CONN could be either 00 00 00 00 or 00 80 00 00, or 20 00 00 00.
00 80 00 00 always comes in pairs of two.
The vertexes are connected in triplets for every vertex except for
when 00 80 00 00 occur in the last of the three consequent vertexes.

Use the following script to extract .DFS files from the PC version of the game.
When the script asks you to load another file, use the file that is in the same folder
and has the same name as the .DFS but with the .000 extension: