Extract 3d models from your favorite PlayStation 2 Games

The purpose of this wiki is to gather further knowledge of how 3d objects are stored in PlayStation 2 games. While there is no single 3d format used on all PlayStation 2 games, some games might share similar formats if they were both developed using the same software or by the same programmers.

I accept ALL requests, and I always go back to earlier unfinished ones once I learn something new. Email me at albinoleopard@yahoo.com if you want something or have a special request, or leave a message on this site, or send a pm to "3dformat". I am currently learning the scripting language called "QuickBMS" which will allow me to write tools that can extract and convert models from games automatically, for example from "ICO" or "Timesplitters 2" and numerous others.

See The List of Games for a list of the PS2 games on this wiki.
See Scripts To Convert Models for scripts that will extract and convert models from various games.
See How To Extract Models to learn how to create scripts yourself and the general theory.
See Non PS2 Games for scripts for non PS2 games.

Tales of the Abyss

I made scripts that will extract the .NPC meshes with UVs and textures from Tales of the Abyss:


Timesplitters 2

I have created some scripts that will extract and convert models of characters and levels from Timesplitters 2:



I have created some automatic scripts that will convert models (both characters and buildings), from the game ICO into .3ds files. Download the scripts and read the instructions.


Spyro The Eternal Night

You can use this automated tool to automatically extract and convert models from The Legend of Spyro the Eternal Night.
See the main page above for instructions on how to use it and for additional scripts that convert the textures.


God of War II:


Cabela's Hunting Games:

See the pages below for scripts to convert the models with UVs and also to convert the textures

Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2008 Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2005


Cabela's Deer Hunt 2004 Season Cabela's Dangerous Hunts


Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2002 Cabela's Trophy Bucks


Kya Dark Lineage:


Before you can Begin to extract the meshes you will need to download:

QuickBMS which is a free program that can extract and convert files using a simple scripting language

Cheat Engine which is a free game hacking tool but it can also open files as a basic hex editor

Blender which is a free 3d modeling program

Microsoft Word A word processor that when used in conjunction with Cheat Engine and Microsoft Excel allows for even more analysis and presentation of data especially 16 byte signed data and other exotic data types.

[DE- German]:

Bevor Sie damit beginnen, die Maschen benötigen Sie zum Download wird zu extrahieren:
Cheat Engine , die ein freies Spiel Hacking-Tool ist aber es kann auch Dateien öffnen, die als Basis-Hex-Editor
Blender , die eine kostenlose 3D-Modelling-Programm ist
Microsoft Word eine Textverarbeitung, die in Verbindung mit Cheat Engine und Microsoft Excelermöglicht den Einsatz von noch mehr Analyse und Präsentation von Daten vor allem 16-Byte-signierten Daten und andere exotische Datentypen.

[ES- Español]

Antes de comenzar a extraer las mallas tienes que descargar:

QuickBMS es un software gratuito que puede extraer y convertir archivos utilizando un lenguaje de programación sencillo.

Cheat Engine es una herramienta gratuita de hacking para juegos, ademas con este software puedes abrir archivos y trabajar con su editor hexadecimal.

Blender es un software gratuito de modelado 3d.

Microsoft Word Es un procesador de textos que al utilizarse junto a Cheat Engine y Microsoft Excel permite un mejor análisis y presentación de datos de 16 bytes firmados ademas de otros tipos de datos .