Transformers is an action game developed by Melbourne House.
It is included as a demo on JamPack volume 10.

The mesh above does not look perfect because different tristrips are connected to one another
when they should not be.
Note that the data files are named .ZIP but are not standard ZIP files nor are all of the files compressed (though some textures and animations are compressed)
The 3d files seem to be based on the 3d modeling program Maya.
Each component of the .Mesh files are labeled with a tilde ~ followed by the name of the component and then the components data. The main ones are:

~PositionArray (4ByteIntegerDataSize+The 4byte-float vertexes: verX, verY, verZ of the mesh)
~NormalArray (4ByteIntegerDataSize+The unit sphere 4byte-float vertexes norX, norY, norZ)
~TextureCoords (4ByteIntegerDataSize+The UV 4byte-float texture mapping texX, texY)
~ColorArray (4ByteIntegerDataSize+Unknown)
~IndexArray (4ByteIntegerSize+each mesh can have multiple IndexArrays) (Furthermore the tristrip section can in turn have multiple strips with each strip beginning with a 2byteinteger showing how many 2byte vertexes are in the strip followed by the vertexes themselves and then the next strip unless it is the last strip)