Shadow of the Colossus
Shadow of the Colossus is a unique game developed by Ico.
A picture of the "minotaur" colossus, encountered in the game's demo:

You need to use quickbms_4gb_files.exe with the above scripts.

The above script is very memory intensive, and has been confirmed to work on both the full game and the demo.

The data is stored in Nico.dat
In this archive, the game does use text as headers, most of it being English, but there is some Japanese words used interchangeably. An example of this is the Horse Aggro referred as both Uma (Japanese for horse) and simply horse . This is not surprising as the game's developer Ico, is based out of Japan.

The mesh files are called .NMO
Each NMO file in turn is composed of sections. For example in the nmo/op1_cut06.nmo file there is a section called leaf_old_chips.
The mesh's vertexes are in many chunks composed of small numbers (between 3-37) vertexes.
Vertexes begin right after 01 80 XX 68
where XX is the number of Vertexes. There are 3 four-byte floats for each vertex xVER,yVER,zVER. after all of the vertexes, there are the bytes: 01 00 00 05.