Ruff Trigger is a little known platformer similar in a few aspects to Sly Cooper. It features a wolf named Ruff as the main character.

Use the script above to extract the files in levels.dat
Use the script on levels.fs and then enter in levels.dat when it prompts you to open another file.
Use the script below to convert the .MX2 files into .3ds files.

Use the script below to convert textures into the .TM2 format. Use it on .idx files.
When it asks you to open another file type in the name of the
.tm that is in the same folder as the idx file.
You can view and convert the .TM2 files using the program called XnView:

A partial view of a Ruff trigger level (zoomed out greatly)
Most of the Meshes (called .mdl files) are compressed, in inside the levels.dat archive. The compressed files begin with with the name of the file and also end with the name. All types of files are given names and address locations in the directory file also called levels. However the buildings/terrain for each level are not compressed and the vertexes are just listed one with the texture information given in the beginning of that file. The terrain files seem to be called .mx2 though there are subfiles that also use the .mx2 extension. Here is a partial list of the vertexs for the levels
A small amount of 3d models are used for health and inventory icons. These models are not compressed.