This is a remake of the PC game MDK2

The games data are in ZIP files, which can be opened by Windows, though 7ZIP does not seem to be able to open them.

The .MOD files (Microsoft Windows will label them as movie files which they are not) contain 3d models.
The QuickBMS script posted above will convert the .MOD files into .3ds files along with their UV Coords.

Format of the models
The 2ByteInteger at offset 0xA6 contains the Number of Vertexes in the file.
The 4ByteOffset at 0xCC contains the location where the vertexes can be found. 0x10 needs to be added to the offset to find the absolute offset.
Each vertex is associated with 0x50 bytes of data:
4ByteFloatingPointVertexes(X,Y,Z) 4ByteFloatingPointWeight
4ByteFloatingPointUVMappings(U,V) 4ByteFloatingPointWeight 4ByteFloatingPointWeight
4ByteFloatingPointNormalMappings#1(X,Y,Z) 4ByteFloatingPointWeight
12Bytes of Zero 4ByteFloatingPointWeight
4ByteFloatingPointNormalMappings#2(X,Y,Z) 4ByteFloatingPointWeight

To generate the meshes, Faces are formed by generating TriStrips formed from each set of 3 adjacent vertexes.