This is the sequel to God of War.


Use and on the wad. Then use on the GFX file from the first script (when it asks you what other file to open select the PAL file of the same name as the GFX). Make sure the script and the GFXs and PALs and Quickbms.exe are in the same folder.

First use the tool posted here to extract the WAD files from the .PAK files:
Then use the GOW2WADto3ds.BMS script posted above to convert the models inside the WAD files to .3ds files.

Also you can use this tools: for unpaking .PAK, .WAD and textures files.



The models and textures for this game are stored in the WAD files.
The 3d models use 2bytesigned integer tristrips for the vertexes.
Kratos' base model has around 7,000-7,500 vertexes depending if you count the same vertex appearing in
two different tristrips as different vertexes.

The character models begin with the header
followed by the name of the models.
There is also a header for the list of textures that are used for with each mesh:
Followed by the name of each texture. Each model can use more than one texture.

There are also many other headers that are additive and context specific.

The largest section of the models is the the vertex information section which contains submeshes with the following format:

03 01 00 01 01 80 XX 65
Unknown amount of an unknown section of 8byteArrays
(03) 80 XX 6D
(02) C0 (51) 6E
01 01 00 01 00 80 01 6C XX 80
4ByteFloatVar1, 4ByteFloatVar2, 4ByteFloatVar3, 4ByteFloatVar4
?? (00 00) (14)