Older Scripts

How to use the older scripts:

Use the Quickbms script above called to extract the file called image.bin
Use the Quickbms script above called to extract the smaller bins that you obtain from the first script.

New Scripts:

How to use the new scripts (
WITH ALL SCRIPTS BELOW WHEN PROMPTED: use option r when asked about replacing files
Make folders called folder1 folder2, folder3, folder4 folder5 folder6
Use the first script on the file called Image.BIN and save the output in folder1
For example use the following in command prompt:
C:\quickbms\quickbms.exe C:\quickbms\ghost\1GShellImageBin C:\Image.bin C:\folder1

Then use scripts 2-6 as follows:
In the commandline put the path to quickbms.exe
followed by the path to the script folder followed by the path to the current folder followed by the path to the next folder .
For example to run script2 you would type in something like:
C:\quickbms\quickbms.exe C:\quickbms\ghost\ C:\folder1 C:\folder2
To run script3:
C:\quickbms\quickbms.exe C:\quickbms\ghost\ C:\folder2 C:\folder3
To run script4:
C:\quickbms\quickbms.exe C:\quickbms\ghost\ C:\folder3 C:\folder4
To run script5:
C:\quickbms\quickbms.exe C:\quickbms\ghost\ C:\folder4 C:\folder5
To run script6:
C:\quickbms\quickbms.exe C:\quickbms\ C:\folder5 C:\folder6

This game is based on the anime called Ghost in the Shell.

Model Format for some meshes?:
0x4C 4ByteInteger(Number of Mesh Subdivisions)
0x40 4ByteInteger(TO Start of First Subdivision)
0x58 2ByteInteger(Number of Face Indexes)

Face Index Format:
Starts at 0x6C
Vertex Format: