All of the characters in this game are humanized animals.

You can use the script below to convert some of the character models in savestates
to .3ds models

Many (but not all) of the files on the disc are compressed.
However it is possible to work with uncompressed (though possibly rearranged) data directly from PCSX2 SaveStates.

Format of some of the models in the SaveStates:
00 00 10 00 00 00 00 03 02 00 01 01 80 XX 6C
Where XX is the number of vertexes.
{4ByteFloatingPointVertexes(X,Y,Z), 00 1ByteCONNECTION 00 00,

Where the faces are formed by sequential tristrips, that are formed by connecting the current vertex to both the preceding and next vertexes unless the CONNECTION Byte on the next vertex us equal to 0x80 (128)