Drakan: The Ancients' Gates, is about a girl named Rynn and a dragon named Arokh.
A demo appeared on the winter 2001 Jampack.
3D Character meshes 3d are contained in the .MOD files.

This file is just a cleaned up version of the file "arokh.3ds" above:
Use the quickbms script below to extract and convert models from the .mod files into .3ds files.
It must be used with the Microsoft Windows Command prompt, using the -w parameter (the w must be lower case), for example:
C:\quickbms\quickbms.exe -w C:\quickbms\drakan2modto3ds.bms C:\quickbms\AACHEN.MOD C:\quickbms

The models begin with the name of the model (eg YetiPS2) followed by the number of Vertexes:
followed by the Vertexes:
(Zero Padding)
{Face1, Face2, Face3 ?? 00 03 00 ?? 00}
{4ByteTextureMappings(U,V)} *

*There are less Vertexes in each mesh, because of null vertexes in each mesh
There are less Faces in each mesh for an unknown reason, because some are culled (eg are invisible in the game)
*There are more TextureMappings because each character can have more than one texture.