This game was developed by Namco Bandai Games America.


While the vertexes on this mesh are correct the faces are not,
as they might be quads and not triangles.

Most of the the game's data and all of the models are found in the FS.BIN file.

Meshes are stored using 2BYTESignedIntegers stored in subsections:
{2ByteSignedIntegerVertexes(X,Y,Z)+00 00}
{2ByteSignedIntegerNormalMappings(X,Y,Z)+00 00}

Each model animation sequence is composed of frames which reference submeshes called joints ex: jnt_la.

Each joint is composed of 28Byte arrays:
{2ByteSignedIntegerVertexes(X,Y,Z), 2ByteSignedIntegerNormalMappings(X,Y,Z), [00 00 00 00], 4ByteFloatWeight#1, 4ByteFloatWeight#2, 4ByteFloatWeight#3}