This is a fighting game where you can transform into a beast for ultimate power.



1. Use the program called "Noesis" to extract the FPK files

2.Use the above script on the DFF files extracted from the FPKs.

3. You can view and convert textures from the TXD files using the program
"PS2 TXD Viewer"

The models for each Character come in several submeshes, such as the head, and the body.
There are also, unrefined "block models" that are used for perhaps for Shadows. These models look like
several cubes attached to each other forming the rough outline of a character.

Each standard model is stored in Chunks that begin with 00 00 00 05 04 01 00 01 00 80 ?? 68
Where ?? is the number of Vertexs
The chunks end with:
(Padding) 00 00 00 05 04 01 00 01 01 80 ?? 64

If the number of vertexes (??) is 44 then this is a placeholder and does not contain any vertexes.
The number 44 is also used as a placeholder in other Playstation 2 games.

Padding takes the form of extra multiples (12, 8 or 4 bytes) of 00. It may also not be present at all in all Chunks.
This is used to to make the game run faster by having sections end in offsets that all multiples of 10 (decimal 16)